Swansea City Mishmash (Prints to be sent 8th April onwards)




‘Swansea City Mishmash – The History of Swansea City Football Club in One Image’

Started all the way back in 2016, I finally completed the illustration on April 2nd 2020! I haven’t kept exact tabs on the time this has taken to create, but I would guess it was approaching 1000 hours.

Your print will be approx 95cm x 65cm, quite large!

Your print will be approx 95cm x 65cm. 100x70cm frames are widely available on Amazon.

I expect to start sending out all pre-orders out on April 8th.

Follow @footymishmash on Twitter to keep up to date with all developments.

Alternatively you can email me at bennettillustration@hotmail.com

Swansea City Mishmash. Obviously the watermark won’t appear on your print!

Many thanks to everyone that has contributed their ideas & suggestions to this project. I really appreciate so many of you taking an interest!

Click on the image to view the ‘Making of’ process.




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