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  1. Hi

    I have made the following order Order #6362 but never received any feedback, how long it takes to receive the picture.

    Could you please inform me, when I should receive this picture?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Manuel, firstly many thanks for your order. I have been trying to contact you about your personalised picture. Please can you message me at [email protected] Thanks again & speak soon, Alex.

      1. Hi Alex,

        I sent you an email yesterday? I hope you received it?

        Kind regards

  2. Hi Alex,

    I have never received any feedback from you. Could you please contact me about the personalised picture?

    Kind regards

  3. Just trying to track my order; Order #6742 (May 15, 2018)

    1. Hi Brittany, please do not worry. Your order has been sent out & will be with you within the next 7 working days, hopefully sooner!
      Apologies for the lack of update, it’s been quite busy lately! All the best, Alex.

  4. I will be on holiday in England and I am interested in a poster, in how much time the shipment arrives to know if it will give me time

    1. Hi Jose, if you make an order while in England, I can get it to you within 2-3 working days.
      Just let me know! Many thanks & enjoy your holiday! Alex.

      1. Hi Alex, I need to send the order at this addess
        Victoria Park Square 2 Westbrook House, Gran Londres, Inglaterra E2, Reino Unido
        But I do not know how to fill out the form to chek out
        can you help me ?

  5. I made an order on 5/15/18. Can you tell me if it has been shipped?

    1. Hi Trisha,
      yes it was sent on the 3rd June. Pre-orders are starting to be received now so it should be with you very shortly.
      Many thanks for your patience, Alex.

  6. Just received my order or gridiron mish mash in Colorado, USA and it looks great! Any insight on a frame size for this or where to find one?

    1. Hi Bryan, the poster size is 69.5cm x 98cm. I’m afraid I don’t have any frame info for you as i’m in the UK but there are a wide range of options available on Amazon.
      Glad you like it!
      Many thanks,

  7. Alex, ordered a Gridiron Mishmash on May 25th, still have not received as of today. I am aware that they were shipped in early June. Being in the states also I’m sure has caused the delay, just would like to get a confirmation it is out. No rush my friend, love your work. Order #6818 (May 25, 2018)

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for getting in touch. Yes, your order was dispatched on 3rd June so it should hopefully be with you very soon!
      Many thanks for your patience, Alex.

  8. Do you know how much shipping costs to Mexico? Do they charge taxes?

  9. Order #6807 placed on 5/23/2018 and inquiry as to the status of this order sent on 6/17/18 with no reply. Any thoughts as to whether my order has been shipped?

    1. Hi Helen, thanks for getting in touch. Yes, your order was dispatched on 3rd June. Other orders sent on that day have started to be received this week so it should be with you any day now.
      Many thanks for your patience, Alex.

  10. Can I get an update on Order #7006 (August 19, 2018). It hasnt arrived yet, I sent an email and did not get a response.

    1. Hi Gary, apologies for the slow reply. Your order has been sent. If it is still not with you by next Wednesday please let me know & I will send you a tracked replacement. Many thanks, Alex.

      1. Ok Thanks!!

        1. It came in today, thank you!!!

  11. Hi Alex
    We bought a Spurs Mishmash at Abingdon craft fair and we are really pleased with it. What other clubs do you do – I couldn’t find this information on your website

    1. Hi Sheila, the other clubs I have currently available on the website are…Spurs, West Ham & Watford. I will have three more available this time next year! Many thanks, Alex.

  12. Hi Alex.
    I must say, your posters look very good.
    I would like to order three of the West Ham Mishmash (the history of…) illustrations. Two of them to be delivered to a UK address and the other one to a place in Canada.
    My two questions are:
    Can I process these all in one order or do them separately, to ensure the correct delivery? (Especially the one that’s going to Canada)!
    and secondly, if I order now/soon will they arrive before (this) Christmas?
    many Thanks, Steve

    1. Hi Steve,
      thanks for the kind words!
      Yes, if you could make two seperate orders that would be best (one for the UK address & one for the Canada address).
      I will send the orders out as soon as they are made so they will both arrive in plenty of time for December 25th.
      Thanks again, Alex.

  13. Hello,

    do you have any news regarding my order 7166 from Nov. 16th? Still no news….

    Please let me know.


    1. Hi Jon,
      your order was sent a couple of days after your payment was received.
      If it is still not with you by the end of the week please let me know & I will send you a replacement.
      Many thanks,

      1. Hi Alex, thanks for your reply.
        I have finally received it. The carton seems to have been opened, but the picture is intact and in good quality.
        I am struggling finding a good frame for it. Do you have any particular to advise?

  14. Hello there. I tweeted you around 2 weeks ago asking about an NHL mishmash style print. You said you were planning on doing it. Do you know when it might be finished, because I love your style. Your talent is so amazing!!! I hope to get my hands on an NHL print soon!



  15. Hi Alex I placed order #7462 just over a week ago. Could you kindly confirm whether the poster is on its way?

    Many thanks for your help,

    1. Hi Kevin, apologies for the slight delay. It should be with you by the weekend.
      Many thanks for your patience, Alex.

  16. No problem! Just wanted to make sure it had been picked up. Cheers, Kevin

  17. Hi Alex,
    I love your style of artwork because every time I look at it I see something new . Just got my Music Mishmash and looking forward to getting it framed and on the wall. Any thoughts about doing a Motorsport or F1 Mishmash, that is one picture that I would love to see in your style.

    1. Hi David, thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you like it!
      I have no plans in the near future to create a motorsport version, although it’s probably something that I will get to one day!
      Thanks again, Alex.

  18. Hey Alex – Any update on the Liverpool mishmash?

    I’m planning on ordering one for my dad for Christmas! – cheers Den

    1. Hi Den,
      unfortunately the Liverpool Mishmash won’t be available until next year. You’ll have to get him some socks instead!
      Thanks for your patience, Alex.

  19. Hi Alex
    I bought a rugby poster from you at the Makers Market Saturday …superb
    I want to buy a football one …the composite one with Euro etc
    Can I come and collect ? I am in Gerrards Cross and am coming to Penn area soon
    Could I possibly have your phone number to liase?
    Warm wishes
    Neil Myers

  20. Hello Alex,

    I placed an order (7736) and was wondering if there were any updates? It’s been about a week so I just wanted to check in.

    1. Hi Matthew, please do not worry. Your order has been dispatched from the UK & will be with you very soon.
      Obviously it is a busy time of year but it should certainly arrive in time for Christmas.
      Many thanks for your patience and order!

  21. Hi Alex, I love the Spurs poster and wanted to ask about an update for it, and discuss some other ideas.

    Can I have your phone number to get in touch?

    Thanks and best wishes,

  22. Hi Alex, I’m looking to buy the Arsenal Mishmash for a friend for Christmas. I was wondering if there is a version that has the annotations around the edges as the others appear to have? Will buy one anyway but would prefer with.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi James, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately there isn’t a version with the text around the edges. I’ll hopefully get around to doing that at some point next year.
      Thanks again, Alex.

  23. Hi, I would like to order three posters. Do you ship to Greece? What is the shipping cost? Any offers on the total cost for 3 pieces? Thanks

    1. Hi Andreas, thanks for getting in touch! Yes, I ship to Greece. Please select the items you require. I cannot offer you a discount but you will only be charged one postage cost. Thanks again, Alex.

  24. I made a purchase in March order 7960. Do you have an update on this order? Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Ryan, apologies for the slow reply. It should really of arrived with you by now. Please can you email me at [email protected] to confirm your address & I will send you a replacement with tracking. Many thanks for your patience, Alex.

      1. Thank you Alex. No problem. Appreciate the response. I have sent you an email.

  25. I’ve been looking to buy the 1000 piece wrestling puzzle. I’m in the U.S…. Is it available ?

    1. Hi Andy, i’m not sure where you’ve seen it but there is no Wrestling Mishmash jigsaw, only the poster. I think it may be a website scam so please do not buy! Thanks for getting in touch. Alex.

      1. Thank you. I wont be buying it.

  26. Hello, Alex. I found your site through an ad on Facebook. I’m interested in the wrestling image as a jigsaw puzzle, as it was advertised on Facebook. Yet,here on the actual website, I only see it advertised as a poster. Can I get some clarification?

    1. Hi Sean, i’m not sure where you’ve seen it but there is no Wrestling Mishmash jigsaw, only the poster. I think it may be a website scam so please do not buy! Thanks for getting in touch. Alex.

  27. Hi Alex. I’ve just stumbled across your work. Loving it. I’d really like to order the football history puzzle, but I’m not sure if it is still in production. Complicating matters is that I live in Australia.

    I thought I’d contact you through this channel first to see if I can get hold of one, as I’ve seen a couple crop up on Facebook but they look like they may be illegal copies (but I’m not sure) so I’d rather not buy those



    1. Hi Michael, thanks for finding me! Yes, it is a website stealing my work. I’m trying my best to have them taken down!
      The puzzle is currently only available here… https://heye-puzzle.de/en/product/football-history/

      Alternatively, you may order a large print of any of my illustrations here!

      Thanks again, Alex.

  28. Hello Alex. I came here looking for the wrestling mish mash puzzle but was disappointed to learn its being falsely advertised through facebook. I’m even more angry that a young talented artist like yourself is being scammed. I saved the website and FB page of the people stealing your artwork. I can e mail them to you if you want help taking these guys down.

    1. Hi Steven, many thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it. I am aware of the Chinese scammers illegally selling my work. It actually appears that they have no intention of sending any product once they receive the payment. All I can do is keep reporting them to their website host. If you happen to see any more adverts please post a comment informing people this is a scam & that this is the place to come! Thanks again, Alex.

  29. Hi Alex,
    I too came across the fake puzzles (via Powmaer.com) – even went as far as going to checkout – have not proceeded
    Do you have any plans to produce puzzles of the Wrestling, Rugby or other pictures
    They would all make excellent puzzles which I would purchase

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi James, yes do not buy anything from that website. They’ll take your money and won’t send you anything in return. I’ve tried
      repeatedly to stop this from happening but they just relist it under a new website.

      Rugby Mishmash is available here as a jigsaw…https://www.wentworthpuzzles.com/wooden-jigsaw-puzzles/contemporary-art-jigsaw-puzzles/rugby-mishmash-the-history-of-rugby-union

      Football Mishmash is available here as a jigsaw… https://heye-puzzle.de/en/product/football-history/

      I don’t have any buyers for my other designs but will let you know as soon as I do.
      Many thanks,

  30. Hi Akex
    Wow I love the wrestling poster, can I order one?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Marcus, absolutely! Please order it here. Many thanks, Alex.

  31. Hi

    Can you advise on a delivery date for the the Liverpool miss mash posters bought May 29th and June 9th.

    Ill send you the order details privately if you need them. Sent an email last week but didn’t get a reply.


    1. Hi Michael, I’m just waiting for the trophy lift before sending it off to print. I can’t be exact right now but I think it will be around mid-August.
      Many thanks for your patience, Alex.

  32. Hi,
    I recently put through an order for the Arsenal Mismash Poster.
    I was firstly wondering if the order had gone through and secondly how long it will take to arrive
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Jacob,
      your order was sent yesterday (13th) and should arrive with you by the weekend.
      Many thanks!

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