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The Packaging Department!

Here's a look at my back room, otherwise known as the 'Football Mishmash' packaging depo last week (March 2014).
Here’s a look at my back room, otherwise known as the ‘Football Mishmash’ packaging depo last week (March 2014).

3 thoughts on “The Packaging Department!

  1. Hi Alex,
    I placed an order for one of your Arsenal posters on 3rd April. Please can you tell me when you posted it. I realise that the post is all over the place at the moment so it’s not an issue. Just wanted to check when it was posted.
    Thanks very much

    1. Hi Catherine, i’ll send another one today. If he ends up with two then just return one when you next see him. Sorry about the delay, as you say the post has been horrible lately.

  2. Dear Alex,

    To kill time at Christmas, this year definitely, I searched for a good jigsaw puzzle. And I am over the moon to have found your Football History puzzle. I put it together together with my kids telling them al kinds of details and juicy football stuff. Baggio alone after his penalty, Mario Kempes 1978, Rijkaard spitting, Fantasy Football couch (I used to watch it every Saturday after Match of the day), the german coach sniffing around (hilarious), Bergkamp in wonderland. How sweet to reminisce! And I owe a really historic Christmastime to you. Not to corona or lockdown, but you. I can’t express myself as good in English as in Dutch, but I wanted to share my gratitude. So I made the puzzle with my kids, put glue on it, made a frame out of old hardwood and put it on the wall! Opposite to my writing desk!
    And from now on I’m going to give this jigsaw as a gift to all my soccer-friends. And the story about the footage will cover the whole evening, I’m sure.

    Ernst ter Linden
    The Netherlands

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