Football Mishmash

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‘Football Mishmash’ is a massive hand-drawn illustration created from over 500 famous and infamous incidents from the history of football and featuring approximately 2000 individual characters. ‘Football Mishmash’ features everything from Geoff Hurst’s goal in the 1966 World Cup Final to Rene Higuita’s incredible ‘Scorpion Kick’ for Colombia; the tragedy of the Hillsborough Disaster, to Zinedine Zidane’s notorious headbutt on Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup Final; Sylvester Stallone’s penalty save in the movie Escape to Victory, to a timeline of David Beckham, and perhaps more importantly, his haircuts!   How Football Mishmash was made: Started in April 2012 & completed in February 2013, Football Mishmash took Alex Bennett approximately 1800 hours to complete.A great deal of attention was spent researching this project, ensuring football kits and clothing were as accurate as possible to picking the brains of friends to see what incidents throughout they could recall. All characters and incidents have been individually drawn. Once inked, I would scan and colour the drawing in Photoshop. I would then drag the illustration into the main image, placing it in a suitable position.  



The illustration that got this journey started!

Football Mishmash – The History of the Beautiful Game in One Image.

Your Football Mishmash poster is 69cm (height) x 94cm (width) and is printed on 170g high quality paper with a gloss finish.

Each print will be hand signed by it’s creator Alex Bennett in the bottom right hand corner.


Your poster will come in a sturdy cylinder cardboard tube.

PLEASE NOTE. This is the 3rd edition which includes new moments from the 2014 World Cup, Euro 2016 & many more historical incidents!


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38 reviews for Football Mishmash

  1. Jill

    Ideal present for any footy fan, young or old. There are already four of these with various family members and everyone agrees that the Where’s Wally? style challenge of locating the various people and incidents draws you in. Hours of entertainment and discussion for a very reasonable price.

  2. Diego A.

    #1 piece of football memorabilia EVER. The only small suggestion is that there should be a shipping station in the USA and that they should sell digital prints.

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Thanks Diego! Unfortunately I am a one-man team so things like shipping from the USA might have to wait.

      I don’t offer digital prints simply because of the lack of control I would then have. It is quite common for people to print it out themselves.

  3. R.Lopez

    Fantastic! Just by skimming the artwork, you can tell Mr. Bennett is a very talented man. It would be great if football mishmash would be available in a book format, like a “where’s wally” book.Football Mishmash is Just Fantastic!

  4. MB

    Football Mishmash is a brilliant and unique piece of football memorabilia that I thoroughly recommend, perfect for yourself or as a gift. Even with a slight issue (out of his control) Alex sorted it perfectly!

  5. Tom

    Looks brilliant! Any chance of more club Mishmashes in the future? Premier league teams especially!

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Tom, yes I hope to do several more clubs soon!

  6. Samuel Hughes

    Tempted to buy one as it is really cool. But I’ve seen someone with a West Ham version of it, how can I get one?

  7. Declan

    Was wondering if you would ever do a Liverpool one?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Declan, yes I hope to soon. It will quite a mammoth task!

  8. harrison black

    best bit of football memorabilia ive bought would love to see a Liverpool one

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Many thanks Harrison! Yes, I plan on doing several more clubs in the near future.

  9. Anthony Poku

    Would really like to purchase the 2nd edition version. Where would i find this one?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Anthony, i’m out of stock of the 1st edition so all orders made today & beyond will be the 2nd edition. Many thanks!

  10. Anthony Poku

    Yeah sorry I was referring to purchasing the 2nd edition. So if i purchase from this page i wil receive the 2nd edition?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Yes you will. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

  11. MJC

    About to buy one for myself was wanting to know if there would be a LFC one available to but before the 1st of February for my friends birthday!

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi, I do plan on doing more club versions. The problem is they take 6-9 months to do each one so i’m afraid February 1st deadline will be impossible! There are plenty of Liverpool moments in the Football Mishmash if that’s any good?!

  12. Keane Eastwood

    Is there any chance of a Manchester United one coming any time soon? Would be a cool gift for my dad

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Keane, yes I hope to do a Man Utd version soon!

  13. Rowan

    Could you do an Arsenal one

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Rowan, yes I plan on doing a several more club mishmashes very soon!

  14. Janis

    So,I want to buy one but,I have 2 questions.1 is there Manchester United moments comming any time soon?2 is there much Manchester United moments in this one?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Janis, i’m sure I will in the future, it will certainly be busy! There are plenty of Man Utd moments in Football Mishmash, Giggs’ celebration, Cantona’s kung-fu kick, Ferguson, Busby, the Munich Memorial, Rooney, Solksjaer’s winner vs Bayern Munich to name a few! Many thanks!

  15. matt

    looks awesome. does it ship to the united states?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Matt, yes I do! Simply select ‘International Postage’ at checkout. Many thanks.

  16. Tony

    Really good idea.But of i print it myself, will it be quite good?Will we see the things on the side?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Tony, I’d like to think you’re joking. No, if you choose to print it yourself it will be very poor quality. Please buy one instead, it will look great!

  17. James McElvenney

    Looks awesome! Ordered one myself. How long does it take to arrive?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi James, normally I post next day, however, Spencer’s YouTube video has made it extremely busy. I’ll try & get them all out within 5 days of the order being received.
      Many thanks for your order (and patience)

  18. Callum

    very good idea, i know we don’t have history but are you going to do a chelsea version would make a very good present for me and my brother

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Callum, would love to! There’s plenty of Chelsea related incidents in the ‘Football Mishmash’ version.

  19. Ali

    Is there any chance of making man utd one

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Yes, I hope to very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

  20. Connor Evans

    Is there another website where you can get a certain club in a poster?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Connor, which club were you after? I plan on doing some more clubs very soon! I have only done Watford & West Ham so far…

  21. Muhayman

    How long would the shipment to the US take?
    I purchased it today

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi, many thanks for your order. Delivery to the USA usually takes between 7-10 working days.

  22. pekka

    what is the average delivery time within EU countries ?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi, anything between 5-10 days, depending on where you are. Many thanks!

  23. Muhayman

    Its been over 10 business days since my purchase of the Football Mishmash, I currently live in Texas, USA and it hasnt arrived. Would you have any idea as to when it may arrive?


  24. Muhayman


    Is a tracking code given with your order? How do you track where your package is?


  25. Taj Gary

    is it the whole thing

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi, yes, you’ll be getting the whole image!

  26. Harrison Fylaktidis

    Hi Alex, do you deliver to Australia? If so will definitely be getting it!

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Harrison, yes I certainly do! Please just select ‘International Postage’ at checkout. Many thanks, Alex.

  27. Dhawal Verma

    This is absolutely mental! Great Job mate! Is there a way I can get it in a bigger size for one of my footy themed Man Cave Wall?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Dhawal, thanks! What size are you ideally after?

  28. Brandon

    This is absolutey amazing. It’s a really cool idea with fantastic illustrations.

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Thanks Brandon, appreciate that!

  29. Gokhan Turktan

    Hi Alex;

    Great work. I would like to get it from Turkey, but here in Turkey Pay Pal is not active anymore, and if I do it with bank transfer I would pay bank charge more than the poster costs. Is there any chance of make the payment directly by credit card?

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Gokhan, thanks for getting in touch. I have just sent you an email.

  30. Bethany

    Hi, I am Bethany Webb, just ordered one of these great posters, just wondered if I will get some sort of confirmation as to whether you have received the money and are shipping the order? 🙂

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Bethany, many thanks for your order & payment. I will be sending your poster later today. Thanks again! Alex.

  31. Giuseppe

    Hi Alex! 😀

    I’m waiting for your beatiful poster. I’ve just place the order, from Italy! 🙂

    I am an AC Milan Fan and i love RUI COSTA **

    Have a nice day, and I would like to receive your answer! 🙂

  32. joseph xu

    hello! How long can i get it ? thanks

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Jospeh, I am sending your order tomorrow. It should arrive with you within 2 weeks. Many thanks!

  33. George (verified owner)

    Hi, im still waiting to receive an email about my order. Will I be sent an email? I need to know how long it’s going to take. Thanks

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Evening George, you should receive it tomorrow (Wednesday).
      Many thanks for your order & patience, Alex.

  34. Onur

    Hi Alex,

    I wanna know that will you add any moment of 2018 World Cup or not

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi Onur, it depends what it is! What is your suggestion? Many thanks!

  35. Stuart Hewins (verified owner)

    Honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. I could genuinely sit and look at that poster for days it is incredible. Would recommend this to anyone who absolutely loves football!

  36. anavitfranca (verified owner)

    Hi, I’ve bought four posters last week (it’s already payed via PayPal), but did not receive a confirmation or an arrival date estimation
    Can you please help me? I’ve also sent you my info via mail

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      many thanks for your order. I will email you the tracking number to you later today.
      Thanks again! Alex.

  37. James Taylor

    Hi, I’ve bought four posters last week (it’s already payed via PayPal), but did not receive a confirmation or an arrival date estimation
    Can you please help me? I’ve also sent you my info via mail

    • Alex Bennett (store manager)

      Hi James,
      please do not worry. You should receive your order in the next couple of days if you haven’t already done so.

      Many thanks for your order, Alex.

  38. George Leakey (verified owner)

    Hi Alex, I am yet to receive an email about my Football MishMash order, when will I receive this, and do you know roughly when my order will arrive?

    11528 (Order Number)

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