Sunderland Mishmash




‘Mackem Mishmash – The History of Sunderland AFC in one Image’.

Started in June 2022, I finally completed the image in the late hours of October 22nd. 

All pre-orders will be sent out in early November.

I estimate I will have spent close to 1000 hours putting it together by the time it is complete.


Mackem Mishmash. Completed on October 22nd 2022.

Your Mackem Mishmash poster will be approximately 69.7cm (height) x 99.6cm (width) and will be printed on high quality 170g paper with a gloss finish.


Each print will be hand signed by it’s creator Alex Bennett in the bottom right hand corner.   Your poster will come in a sturdy cylinder cardboard tube.

If you are looking to frame your Mackem Mishmash, please search for 100x70cm frames on Amazon. If you have a Range store nearby they sell a budget frame in this size.


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